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Stock Code: FG20SD
Pack Size: 1000

Produced from the ultimate extra clear polyproplene material, which can be easily collected and recycled. Strong, flexible and transparent, the glasses are designed to be stacked efficiently and are robust in use.

The revolutionary TWOinONE Flexy-Glasses enable single-use polypropylene to break down into a wax like structure returning the material to nature, leaving behind absolutely no micro-plastics, or toxicity. All that remains is carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

The tumblers made from this material can either be collected and recycled or if for some reason they become part of the fugitive plastic waste stream, which is approximately 32% of all plastics, that’s about 2 billion tonnes, they will biodegrade in less than a year, without any micro plastic being present.

Perfect for serving beers, ciders and offer value for money.

100% Recyclable - PRE / RecyClass Compliant
Fully Biodegradable - New BSI Biodesgradation standard (PAS 9017)
Made in the UK - Low carbon footprint
Breaksdown if accidentlly disposed of on land in an open environment, without causing effect to land (No microplastic or toxins)
Fully biodegrade within 1 year of its service life
Ideal solution for any outdoor events or large venues

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