Eco Star Standard

Introducing the Eco Star standard

Designed to effectively tackle routine and periodic cleaning tasks in a catering and hospitality operation with a reduced impact on the environment, all products in the Cleanline Eco range have been developed to the Eco Star standard for sustainability. This means that each product in the range meets the relevant sustainability criteria set out in the Eco Star standard’s five sustainability pillars: production, formulation, transportation, in-use and end of life.

The Eco Star standard has five sustainability pillars: production, formulation, transportation, in-use and end-of-life.

Eco Star: Production


  1. Manufactured and bottled in the UK minimising the carbon footprint.
  2. All raw materials for the packaging sourced from the UK.
  3. Not tested on animals.
  4. Manufacturer signed up to RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil).
  5. Manufacturing process accredited with ISO 14001 environmental standard.
  6. Product containers made from a minimum of 30% recycled polymer (rHDPE or rPET)*.
  7. Waste packaging is recyclable and minimises the use of non-recyclable plastic.

Eco Star: Formulation

  1. Low environmental impact.
  2. Reduced use of synthetic perfumes.
  3. No phosphate content and chlorine-free.
  4. Non-flammable and non-carcinogenic.
  5. Surfactants are readily biodegradable according to (EC) No. 648 (2004).
  6. Biological-based application-specific beneficial bacteria*.

Eco Star: Formulation

  1. Exclusively manufactured and bottled in the UK to reduce transportation and carbon emissions compared to imported products.
  2. Not classified as hazardous for transport.
  3. Does not require specialist UN certified transportation packaging.
  4. Concentrated products reduce carbon emissions by up to 98% compared to ready-to-use* by reducing the transportation of water.
  5. Minimal outer transit packaging reducing waste without compromising safety.

Eco Star: In-use

  1. Available in concentrate or ready-to-use formats for optimal performance and efficient cost in use.
  2. pH neutral and safe for use on most sensitive surfaces*.
  3. Low hazard classification in use.
  4. Concentrated products can be safely prepared at point of use via a controlled dosing or dispensing system*. 
  5. Highly versatile products can be used for multiple cleaning tasks reducing the number of products required on-site*.
  6. Supplied with guidelines for safe handling and recommended dilution for optimum performance.

Eco Star: End-of-life

  1. Individually labelled with end-of-life instructions for disposal.
  2. All containers and bottles are fully recyclable.
  3. Easily removable, single product label designed to promote recycling and reduces packaging waste.
  4. Bottle can be easily rinsed and placed in mixed recycling to be identified and segregated at a MRF (Material Recovery Facility) and re-entered into the supply chain.