Existing Customers

You are an existing customer if you have previously purchased from Comax, even if it wasn’t recently.

If you have never bought from us before, you are a new customer. Refer to New customers for further details.

Registering with Comax

To begin ordering online, please register your existing account with us first by clicking on the Login/Register button on the home page, and following the link. We will verify your email address and send you your login details so that you can begin enjoying all the benefits our website can offer. These include:

  • Viewing any special prices we have agreed with you;
  • Viewing your order history and product history;
  • Ordering copy invoices and statements;
  • Building your own favourites list.


Once logged in, the prices displayed on the site will include your special prices for products that you have bought from us before. All other products will show as standard list price.

Regular buys/favourites

Build up a list of your favourite products, which you can view every time you log in. Simply click on a product to add it to your basket. You can even save the basket to view or add to later.

Order history

Order history is a record of your previous orders. Click on individual orders to view them in full or click on Repeat Order to add the items in that order to your basket.

Product history

Product history is a list of all products you have purchased in the last 12 months. Products are listed alphabetically by name. The Quantity field is the total number of products you have purchased over the 12 month period. You can filter the products by month by clicking on the month tabs across the top of the list.


If you have a number of users logging in to your account and you would like to restrict access to your financial information, just let us know.