All SchoolCare products have been carefully selected to suit the educational environment. Our range of chemicals includes everything you will ever need for cleaning around your school. The aim is to keep things simple. By using just a few well selected and highly effective cleaning chemicals, you can ensure that:

  • you don't waste money buying and storing unnecessary cleaning products;
  • the chemicals you have work well together rather than conflicting with each other and causing a hazard to health;
  • by following our free dosing charts, you don't use more chemicals than you need;
  • through our specialised training courses, your cleaning staff will fully understand where and how to use the products.

For guidance on producing task-based risk assessments for School-Care chemicals, click here.

CLP, COSHH, Risk Assessment training - download a copy of the presentation below.

Request a copy of our School-Care Catalogue or download the PDF below.