Dishwasher Temperature Labels

Best practices encourage measuring sanitised surfaces and utensils, DayMark's Thermostrip labels are the indicactor to how hot your dishwasher is, and whether it meets the requirements of a commercial dishwasher.
The waterproof Thermostrip labels withstand the extreme conditions of industrial-grade warewash equipment to form HACCP-compliant evidence of proper sterilisation of all types of dishware.
These labels are coloured red, providing a highly visible, thermal disinfection indicator. The label changes from white to black, permanently, when the specified temperature has been attained. Once removed from sanitised dishware, the label becomes a permanent record of achieving sterilisation temperatures.

Description Price (exc VAT)
DWLAB002 DAYMARK THERMOSTRIP DISHWASHER LABEL 71, 76.5, 82 DEGREES Please login to see prices