Ella's Hand Washing Adventure

Ella's Hand Washing Adventure

Wash your hands with Ella.

Teach children why, when and how to wash their hands in a creative and fun way using the latest app 'Ella's Hand Washing Adventure'. The app has been developed by hygiene supplier SCA and its global brand Tork. It is a fun and playful way to address hand washing.

Children choose between two environments, the playground or the kitchen, where they can play and get their hands dirty. After a while they will be instructed to go to the bathroom to wash their hands.
In the bathroom, children learn to wash, wipe and dry their hands properly. Using the tablets camera, they can even take a picture of themsleves and be part of the action! (Please note that the picture is not stored on the device or on the software).
Once they have washed and dried their hands thoroughly they can join in the fun, disco dancing with Ella and her friends.

Downloading the app is easy!

The tablet app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play - it is free of charge from both of these.

1. Open the Apple App Store or Google Play on your tablet or device
2. Search for Ella Hand Wash or Ella's Hand Washing Adventure
3. Select the icon
4. Click the install button

About the app ...

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infections - especially in a pre-school environment where curious children use their hands to explore their surroundings.
Ella's app encourages children to wash their hands properly by introducing an interactive experience that mixes play with education to each 2-6 year old children about why, when and how to wash their hands. The set up is intuitive, without written text, making it universally easy to use. The app is accredited by the Department of Communicable Disease Control (SMI), Sweden. 
The aim is to minimise infections and make life easier for both parents and teachers.

Free tablet trials available to test Ella's app in your school*

*Terms and conditions apply, tablet trials available for school use, subject to availability.
Please contact ellahandhygiene@sca.com

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