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Comax is an accredited RATIONAL dealer.

To help ensure outstanding lifetime performance and validity of the two year warranty for your new RATIONAL, we recommend a site survey and consultation prior to accepting an order. For more information or a quote on any of the RATIONAL equipment and ovens contact a member of the team in the office on 01202 684 111 or email sales@comaxuk.com.

Come along to our RATIONAL CookLive events at our brand new headquarters in Ringwood. The new SelfCookingCenter will be showcased to you on the day and many of the genuine benefits of RATIONAL will be demonstrated. A variety of quality dishes will be cooked for you to experience exactly what the SelfCookingCenter can achieve.

CookLive Special Offer: Receive £250* worth of free RATIONAL accessories if you purchase a RATIONAL following your attendance at a CookLive event at Comax.


 The RATIONAL primary objective:
"We offer maximum possible benefits to people who prepare hot food in large scale and commercial kitchens"

RATIONAL sees itself as a specialist in hot food preparation in the world's professional kitchens. The clear self-image is the basis of a success story that dates back over 40 years. RATIONAL's primary corporate objective has always been to offer the maximum possible benefits to its customers. Regular innovation had guaranteed its leading position by far in terms of technology and market share. Rapid growth has increased its share of the world market to 54%. Over 100 million meals are now prepared every day in RATIONAL units in all parts of the world.

RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®
The cooking system which always prepares your food exactly the way you want it.

Senses - It senses the current cooking cabinet conditions and the consistency of the food.
Recognises - It recognises the size, load quantity and product condition and calculates browning.
Thinks -Thinks ahead and determines the ideal cooking path to your desired result while cooking.
Learns - It learns your preferred cooking habits and then implements them.
Communicates - It communicates with you and shows you what your RATIONAL is doing to implement your specifications.
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® XS 6 2/3 
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® Model 61
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® Model 62
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® Model 101
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® Model 102
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® Model 201
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® Model 202

RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus
The new CombiMaster Plus offers mature technology and supplies the craftsman's skills of the individual chef. It is rugged, easy to operate and offers enticing functions that ensure the highest possible food quality every time.
- Unique cooking output.
- Limitless variety.
- Optimum cooking cabinet climate.

RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus 61
RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus 62
RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus 101
RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus 102
RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus 201
RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus 202

*£250 worth of free RATIONAL accessories applies to the company that the representative is attending on behalf of. Only one free pack of accessories can be claimed - even if purchases are for more than one RATIONAL unit. To receive the free accessories, purchase must be made within 2 weeks of attending a CookLive event.