Bonzer portioners are designed with no food trap in mind; the simplicity of the design prevents food traps as well as parts breaking. The colour-coded handles are made for recognising all the different sizes (eg.if dish requires a 45ml/g use the red portioner).
The advanced technique used to join the bowl tube to the bowl is an incredibly strong method that fuses the two parts together to ensure no chance of breakage. The choice of material used in the handles has a memory allowing the compressed handle to flex back to the same position time and time again. Cycle test of over 750,000 repetitions showed no sign of fatigue.

The Bonzer portioner is also a great way to cut your costs. It has been used in hospitals and has proven to have saved money and resulted in a much quicker, efficient operation.
Both customers and operators can benefit from the consistency portion control brings. Customers can see that they have good value for money from the portion size while the operators can accurately measure their costs and therefore profits.